In the Dulsineja studio, a timeless piece, such as a silk scarf, is seen as a painting canvas that creates a connection between fashion and art, past and future. It is created with the idea of bringing a touch of creativity into everyday life.

What makes these scarves authentic is the process of their making, as well as the drawing. The essence lies in the way the ancient far east technique of silk painting is used. The Dulsineja scarf is created by combining a transparent line drawing, without a pre-drawn scheme, and the watercolor technique. In this way, it is impossible to create two identical scarves, so each piece is unique.

The stylization of the form is achieved by practicing thoroughly the technique of drawing and transposition of sketches on paper, and then on the material. All scarves are painted by hand, by tightening pure white silk onto the frame to which the colors intended exclusively for this material are then applied. This is how the silk fruits theme was created, of which the pear, one might say, became Dulsineja’s trademark. A great number of scarves in different color palettes and with these motifs have already traveled the world.

After 7 years of absolute dedication to this technique, this year, Dulsineja scarves are taking a step forward in order to keep their authentic expression and open up space for something new.

The daily repetition of the same or similar drawing using one technique provided room for improvement of the hand precision and working with silk fabric, which is quite unpredictable. However, the point is not in repetition, but in the creation and production of the new. Therefore, now is the perfect moment to create space for growth as I want to give more to those who follow my work.

After the process of manual painting, the drawing is translated into a digital language so that it keeps all its artistic values ​​and is then prepared for a special digital print intended exclusively for high-quality silk fabric.

This process is followed by finishing the edges, which is done by hand, sewing the label, ironing, and packaging. In this way, the Dulsineja scarf maintains all the artistic qualities of hand drawing, while the capacity for a large palette of colors that digital printing supports is being extended.

Dulsineja, therefore, combines traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, without succumbing to trends but rather to its own artistic expression.

“Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest of it will take care of itself.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Author nevena