The Gouga bag is a real little French beauty for those of us who live for summer, the market, and wildflowers, those who love the memory of the wicker baskets that every grandmother used to have.

Gouga bags support a slower way of life and diversity reflected in the very process of creation, for which enjoyment is found in the course of work, in experimenting with new structures and sizes, as well as the variety of shapes. The bags are made with the crochet technique, using natural hemp, recycled plastic bags, and hemp and raffia thread.

The result of this dedicated work and creative expression is an ecologically sustainable bag that is at the same time unique because each bag is different. They are never made in batches; they are created out of pure love for handwork, in free time, and with a lot of attention and enjoyment in the process.

This type of relaxation, embroidery, crochet, and knitting techniques, used to be passed down from generation to generation, which in our family continued to this day.

Gouga is the mother of Dulsineja.

“I am a root, I am a branch
It only seems to me that I am alone
It’s my mother standing behind me.
I look at the same daylight
The same Moon circles while I sleep
My mother is following me
Behind my mother is my mother’s mother.”

Author nevena