Ejvonli 58|59

Handmade unique pieces

As a keeper of an old craft that has been around for centuries, but started to disappear, Dulsineja represents a blend of traditional craftsmanship, timeless artistic expression, and inspiration that creates a hat-wearing culture unbothered by fashion and trends.

The inspiration for the name of this hat comes from Prince Edward Island, home to the fictional town of Avonlea, where the series of the same name had set. “The Road to Avonlea” is a story about a simpler life, children’s and family adventures at a time when hats accompanied every frame and were indispensable fashion details.

The material used to make this hat is 100% natural, made from the fibers of the oldest Baobab tree.


In stock


Natural color of straw


57cm / 58cm


100% natural straw

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